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Luxury Home Goods for the Modern Dog Owner ™

About Us

In the year 2022, in the bustling heart of Santa Monica, a remarkable tale commenced. The tale was that of a devoted Dog Dad and his cherished goldendoodle, Opal. Their bond, like the intertwining roots of an old, sturdy tree, transcended their warm, comfortable backyard and set the stage for an extraordinary venture. With love, passion, and a revolutionary idea, they breathed life into 77 Bark Ave, a refuge of elegance and luxury for the contemporary dog lover.

77 Bark Ave was no mere brand. It stood as a profound symbol of the deep connection between humans and their loyal canine companions. In a world where the affection for dogs had been confined to the realms of dog parks and pet stores, 77 Bark Ave emerged as a bold challenger, catering to the tasteful, unique, and stylish desires of dog enthusiasts.

The building blocks of 77 Bark Ave were the team's resolute commitment to unparalleled customer service and superior quality goods. They invested their heart and soul into fashioning luxurious home goods and lifestyle accessories for dogs, a market that had remained largely untouched. Their mission was to break free from the cold, metallic bars of dog playpens and crates, replacing them with products that would add an elegant touch to any home. Being a modest online business, they held the power to bestow each customer with personalized attention, transforming each transaction into a memorable, heartwarming journey.

77 Bark Ave, however, was more than a mere commercial venture. The Dog Dad and Opal had a dream, a dream to leave a lasting positive impact beyond the confines of their business. They pledged to channel 5% of their annual profits into local pet shelters across Los Angeles, lending a helping hand to animals in need with every stylish product sold.

The path they embarked upon was strewn with challenges, but they remained unfaltering. Each hurdle only made their resolve stronger. The joy reflected in the eyes of dog lovers and the tangible difference they were making in the community fueled their dedication. Each wagging tail, each satisfied customer, only strengthened their commitment to making the world a better place.

Thus unfolded the legacy of 77 Bark Ave. It was more than a brand; it was a revolution that redefined luxury for dog lovers, transforming dog ownership from a simple responsibility to an experience of unmatched joy and fulfillment. Despite the hurdles and the uncertainties of the journey ahead, one thing remains unshaken: at 77 Bark Ave, every dog and their human find an inviting sanctuary, a place that strives tirelessly to enhance lives, one furry friend at a time. The Dog Dad's long pursuit of a solution to an ultimate problem, of how to beautify dog products, had finally found its fruition.

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